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Development Status and Future Trend Analysis of Automotive LED Headlamps

For most car-loving friends, the headlights are a very talkative topic. Whether it is their own car "candlelight", or everyone shouting on the road, "Yuanguang dog", or those who can identify hundreds of meters away to identify the high-end models, the headlights of the vehicle is always the most Attractive part. This truth through the "German Troika" years of practice, has long been deeply implanted in our hearts. As for the Chinese brands, the current is a small step to run the stage. Design of the rapid progress, naturally there are a lot of bright headlights design, such as the upcoming Mustang T80, it will soon become the first full-LED headlamps of the Chinese brand SUV.
Currently on the market, the main source of automotive headlamps halogen, xenon and LED three. Halogen headlamps are the most common, and now more than 60% of the market new cars are using halogen headlamps, the advantage of low manufacturing and maintenance costs, easy to replace, and the shortcomings are obvious, the brightness is not enough. As was the "high-level product", xenon headlamps once all the rage, high brightness, long distance is its biggest advantage, once the owners as essential configuration.
However, xenon headlamps as a transitional product, the disadvantage is also very obvious: start delay, start instant strong current impact and other issues have been plagued by owners. At the same time, xenon headlamps in the rain and fog weather penetration is not ideal, especially foggy weather, the driver's eyes is basically a vast expanse of white.
With the development of industrial technology, LED lighting has gradually become the future trend, now in the field of home lighting, LED lighting has become the mainstream, the reason is very simple, LED light source with a smaller power in exchange for better brightness, Better lighting at the same time reduce the energy consumption, and have a longer life, it can be said that multiple purposes.
In the field of automotive lighting, LED headlamps are still part of the "high-end" products, more common in some luxury brand models, generally less than 20 million cars with little LED headlamps, even if there is basically the top with Models will be equipped with, but not all LED headlamps, only the commonly used low beam light source replaced with LED light source. And if further down to see, in the 15 million range, then almost no use of a LED headlamps vehicles are not, the high tax rate of imported cars do not have to say, whether it is a joint venture model or to win the configuration of the Chinese brand models , It is difficult to find one to. But this time, Mustang T80 broke the situation.
In addition, the design is one of the advantages of LED headlamps: As the principle of their work and characteristics, LED headlamps can be made into a lot of very beautiful shape, out of a single design and monotonous lighting effects. The traditional halogen headlamps and xenon headlamps, due to their own limitations, decorative effect is far less than LED headlamps.
Now more and more car brands began to make a fuss in the headlamps, more and more new cars began to use LED headlamps, the major manufacturers have also introduced new models equipped with LED headlamps, LED light source is the field of automotive lighting Continue to spread.
But in the 10 million range of SUV models, Mustang T80 will be equipped with full LED headlamp news or let me quite surprised. To know at this level, the whole LED headlamps extremely rare. Whether it is God car Harvard H6, or the price and configuration to win the Po Chun 560, are not equipped with LED headlights. And nowadays the popular Roewe RX5 is only the LED headlamps as an optional configuration to the model by color, and only the top models will be equipped with standard LED headlamps. Mustang T80 so the whole system is the standard practice for the first time.
Mustang this approach not only conform to the development trend of the times, but also to the Mustang T80 in the face of competitors, when more than a piece of the weight of attracting consumers.
In addition, when it comes to car headlamps, a direct link to the topic of traffic safety at night. There is a group of headlamps to force the good of course, the vision can be no small increase, but the role of brightness and distance to enhance the main straight line, when the face of the mountain or more corners, the effect is less obvious.
Even engineers follow-up development of the corner auxiliary lighting function, but because of the auxiliary lighting for fog lights, its brightness is too limited, the actual effect is unsatisfactory. So there are other ways?
The answer is, yes. The name of the program called the servo steering lighting system, also known as adaptive lighting system, adaptive headlights, the English referred to as AFS (Adaptive Frontlighting System). Steering headlamps automatically adjusts headlamp deflections based on travel speed, steering angle, etc., so as to illuminate "un-reached" areas in advance to provide a full range of safety lighting to ensure that the driver has the best visibility at all times .
When this system is in place, the car is deflected at the angle of the steering wheel when the car goes to the corners at night. The driver can obtain the best view and greatly improve the safety of driving at night without any Curve auxiliary lighting brightness of the problem.
And this technology, the current luxury brand is basically the monopoly, or all the joint venture brands will be equipped with the flagship model. But the Mustang T80 gave us a surprise, equipped with full LED headlamps, it is also equipped with AFS servo steering lighting system. This feature will not only increase our traffic safety, but also to increase the road or other vehicles or pedestrian safety.
LED headlamps compared to traditional halogen headlamps and xenon headlamps have a unique advantage, lighting, good, low energy consumption, long life is its most prominent advantages. With the lower cost, with LED headlamps models have begun to transition from a luxury brand to the joint venture in the end brands. The AFS with the steering is clearly much more rare than the LED, even if some of the mid-range brand models are equipped, the basic is not optional is the top with exclusive. If the LED is still a luxury configuration, then the AFS is a luxury. Then the Mustang T80 will win the two configurations were all, and attractive pricing, so full of sincerity of the product, so many often get to say that the brand configuration dumb speechless.
As a 100,000-level SUV models, Mustang T80 can be standard LED headlamps I did not expect, does show the sincerity of the manufacturers. And not only that, from the information we have before the view, other parts of the Mustang T80 configuration at the same level is also very out of color. This is a good interpretation of the "ingenuity" meaning: painstaking research in their own industries, only to the best products dedicated to the world. As a motorist, I also hope that the Mustang car can get better and better.
Well, when it comes to car LED headlamps, it is necessary to mention the famous "lamp factory" - Audi. In 2008, Audi first used in the A4 LED daytime running lights, first of all to open the automotive LED era. After many manufacturers have begun to follow up, gradually using LED daytime running lights. European legislation, in order to drive safety, all in the sale of models must be equipped with LED daytime running lights. However, in a period of time, all manufacturers only stay in the LED daytime running lights this step. Until 2010, the Audi A8 and the second generation Mercedes-Benz CLS launch, the real significance of the LED headlamps only appeared in people's attention.
Then the Audi A8, with a pair of Matrix LED headlamps fiercely stunning a return to not only feel stronger than the Mercedes-Benz CLS, Audi also won the "lamp factory" name. The matrix LED headlamps of the Audi A8 are made up of LED lamp beads, laser range finder and brightness sensor. During the night driving process, the matrix LED headlamps will always use the high beam lighting. Once the light source sensor Measured to have to car, it will automatically adjust or turn off the light group within the number of LED lamp beads, so that the front of the vehicle Buzhi Yu interference by strong light to ensure traffic safety.
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