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Analysis on Patent Layout of Laser Lighting

          LED lighting benchmarks, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences as the "21st Century Edison", 2014 Nobel Prize winner in the repair of Nakamura on June 25 in 2016, Chengdu, China Global Innovation and Trade Fair , Said in an interview, the next decade the LED lighting will replace the LED lighting. There are remarks on the Internet that the efficiency of laser lighting is thousands of times the LED, not only to increase the projection distance, improve security, while smaller, more compact structure.
This is what the laser lighting fire, WeChat circle of friends are everywhere in the laser lighting in 10 years to replace the traditional LED lighting news, we first whether the laser lighting is really as Nakamura Shuji said so God, in a short span of ten years to replace LED lighting. But we believe that at least "the efficiency of laser lighting is thousands of times the LED," this argument is impossible to hold. Because if the efficiency of LED lamps to achieve thousands of times, means that the original efficiency of LED lamps less than 0.1%. In the field of basic theory of lighting, there is a Km value called the spectral luminous efficiency maximum, its value is 683lm / w. This is the limit of the electrical conversion of light to light in bright vision. What does that mean? Is the power of any one tile, it should be converted into visible light, it is impossible to more than 683lm! If the effectiveness of laser lighting to achieve thousands of times the LED, it also requires LED performance down to 0.683lm / w! . .
We then simply look at the difference between LED lighting and laser lighting. From the excitation source point of view, the laser and LED light is not much difference, YAG laser is one more by the laser radiation, LED excitation light in the semiconductor after the addition of a fluorescence conversion; from the visual point of view, laser monochromatic very Well, LED spectrum will have to be wider, suitable for display, lighting, etc .; and in brightness, LED brightness and laser can not be compared. Because the direction of the laser is very strong, is a straight line of light, if not processed through a lot of brightness than the LED. Laser for RGB visual effects are not yet mature, is still just stay in the laboratory stage.
So the problem is, what is laser lighting? Laser lighting in China has a patent it? Xiao Bian bring you a brief introduction.
First, what is laser lighting?
Laser lighting sub-infrared laser lighting, visible laser lighting.
Infrared laser lighting, is the use of semiconductor materials, in the hole and electron recombination process, the reduction of electron energy levels and the release of photons to produce light energy, and then photon resonant resonant cavity in the direction of the formation of photon propagation laser. Mostly used in night vision, night camera monitoring lighting.
Visible laser light, according to the principle is divided into blue light excitation phosphors to achieve white light (for example, 2011 BMW concept car launch of the laser car headlamps, see Figure 1 and Figure 2) and red and green laser synthesis white laser, or true color light (Such as Qingdao Branch of the spectrum of the laser light).
Figure 1 2011 BMW concept car launch of the laser car headlights
Figure 2 laser lighting applications in the car
Second, the laser lighting has a patent it?
The answer is certainly yes, as early as 1970, SIEMENSAG applicants have been in Germany, the United States, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and other countries the layout of the patent "Laser lighting system", for example, the United States Patent Publication number: US3688281A
Figure 3 US3688281A Abstract Figure
This is a method and apparatus for retrieving information from a hologram set in a column and row matrix. Unfortunately, laser lighting has not been developed and applied. In fact, the history of laser lighting research and development has been carried out, but relatively unknown, and even some people call the concept of laser lighting even earlier than the LED lighting, of course, this can not be verified.
Let us look at the layout of patented laser lighting in China.
China's laser lighting patent layout is slightly slower, the reason may be related to traditional Chinese lighting industry and the Chinese government policy guidance, the earliest in the field of laser lighting patent applications in 1985 by Tian Jinghua individual application of the laser ultra-high Power lighting, "Patent Publication No. CN85102745, but the examiner to violate the principle of conservation of energy rejected its application, and then the laser is applied to the lighting on the Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1993 for" semiconductor laser Strong illumination method and system ", patent publication number CN1100187A.
Fig. 4 is a drawing of a patent of CN1100187
Since 2006, China began to have more and more individuals and businesses to start the layout of the patented laser lighting, although the small number (refer to Figure 5), the main areas of the field or G02B27 / 09, G03B15 / 05, Components, systems, or instruments and cameras, electronic flash devices, and electronic flash units in laser applications, with the remainder mostly in the areas of optical recording, laser recording, telescopes, and so on. Less, but in recent years in the laser lighting patent began to increase in the development of this area can be considered under the oh.
Figure 5 laser lighting patented technology constitute the number of applications
Figure 6 laser lighting patented technology
Chart 7 Patent technology application open trend (as of press time ago)
In the next 10 years, laser lighting will replace the LED lighting, this we can not completely accurate prejudgment. Based on the smaller size of the laser lighting, more compact structure, projection distance and other characteristics, in some areas may indeed replace the LED lighting, such as lights and display technology. But in the general lighting field, intellectual property engineers at the Innovation Center are skeptical that laser lighting will replace LED lighting in a decade. But we can be sure that any innovative ideas are likely to be the next 10 years, or even 20 years, 30 years of industry opportunities for development, become the trend of the times, it is worth our attention to related technologies!
China is currently in the case of laser lighting patent applications
China's patent applications on laser lighting, there are about 425, which authorized the invention of 58, utility model 184, the top ten of the patentee are as follows:
Shandong Shen Rong Electronics Co., Ltd. mainly in the field of laser lighting night vision of the patent applications, most of the patents are around the night vision equipment and accessories in more sub-fields;
Followed by the Shanghai Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the main research in the optical components of the optical microscope, telescope and other fields of application research; there is the third of Wuxi bright source Laser Technology Co., Ltd., its field is on laser lighting Of the automatic zoom function, with temperature-controlled air-cooled laser lighting system, the laser chip manufacturing and part of the night vision, etc., now see the company's patents have been pledged out, showing its patented technology is a certain business And the development of sex; Shenzhen Ji Dade Technology Co., Ltd., Changchun Changguang Oliver Infrared Technology Co., Ltd. and so on in the field of laser lighting have been studied, and also part of the intelligent control and other parts.
At present the overall technical composition is as follows:
Figure 1 laser lighting patented technology
G02B27 is an optical element, a system or an instrument, G03B15 is a device or a device for photographing, showing or viewing; a device or a device using a similar technique other than light waves; and related accessories, H04N5 is an image communication such as a television camera of. The three patent applications in technology accounted for about 50% of laser lighting.
From the above we can see that China's patent application for laser lighting is still targeted at proprietary products are more technical areas, such as night vision, microscopes, telescopes, and occasionally there are more fragmented proprietary proprietary technology, such as Wuxi Liangyuan Laser Technology Co., Ltd. Of the patent.
We will talk specifically about the current application of laser lighting is more fire areas: car headlights.
    Today, the light and the car has become an inseparable whole, the evolution of automotive lighting experience more than a century of technical precipitation, from the first kerosene lamp to the electrical age of halogen bulbs to xenon headlamps, LED light source, and then To today's laser technology era. The evolution of car lighting is also a milestone that marks the time and again the reform and progress of social productive forces. The initial lights there are a lot of instability, until after entering the electrical age began to formally put into production in the car. In recent years, the technological content of the lights began to stride forward with the model began, representing the current level of the highest level of technology, BMW I8 laser headlamps have also entered mass production.
Figure 2 BMW I8 laser headlights
2012 BMW Corporation in China apply for a license involving a patented laser lighting, patent number CN103765085B for motor vehicle lighting.
The lighting device comprises one or more lighting units each of which, in operation, generates a point-like light source by means of a laser while being provided with optical means for generating a predetermined light distribution after passing through the optical means. The light distribution can be formed with high precision or high efficiency in a small structural space by means of the illumination device. SOLUTION As the luminance of the LED is relatively small, the efficiency of the LED-based lighting device in a small structural space is not high, and it is difficult to form an arbitrary shape of light distribution with high accuracy by the LED.
The description of the first claim is described as follows:
An illumination device for a motor vehicle comprising one or more lighting units (1) and comprising an optical device (6), each illuminating unit (1) generating a light source (5) in operation by means of a laser, (6) is constructed and arranged with respect to the one or more lighting units (1) such that light from the light source (5) generates a predetermined light distribution after passing through the optical means (6), characterized in that, The light source (5) is a point-like light source, and the point light source (5) has a maximum extension dimension of 20 m or less in a plan view.
FIG. 3 is a block diagram of the CN103765085B
Laser headlamps respond quickly, and the brightness attenuation is weak, and small size, low energy consumption and long life characteristics, making the laser headlamps in many ways than just commercialization of LED headlamps soon more advantages. For example, light-emitting diameters of small, only a few microns, is one percent of conventional LED lights, theoretical luminous efficiency is much higher than 60% of LED lights. In other words, the two achieve the same lighting effects, the laser headlights lower energy consumption, thereby saving energy. At the same time, LED headlamps heat problem has been criticized, so the need for very complex cooling system. But the laser headlamps of the light-emitting area and the energy consumption is much less, the cooling system has become relatively simple.
Laser headlamps have many advantages, and lasers have been invented in the early 1960s, but because the laser itself also has a narrow spot and light output (red, blue, green, yellow) and the lack of stability of the defects, and then Coupled with the laser light source is not easy to form a sheet of irradiation area, the color can be achieved is also very limited and other reasons, so until now only used in automotive lighting.
At present, although the laser lighting layout in China is not a lot of patents, and laser lighting there is a high price, technical imperfections and other shortcomings, but in the future automotive lighting, outdoor lighting in the field will have a place, as in other lighting areas will depend on The future development of technology.
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