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Prospect of 2017 LED industry development trend

          Industry bodies estimated 2016 global LED market output value reached 14.8 billion US dollars, annual growth of only 3.4%. Although the growth rate is not high, but the overall industry has undergone dramatic changes. The main reason is the small pitch LED display the rise of demand, leading to the emergence of the upper reaches of the LED chip supply tight phenomenon, and even appeared for many years not seen the phenomenon of price increases.
Storage in the ultra-said, because the past LED market prices in the doldrums, leading to the majority of manufacturers can not profit, so this year part of the LED chip, LED package, or even LED lighting products prices, in order to reflect rising raw material costs and the phenomenon of price increases.
Looking ahead 2017, LED market competition pressure has not been lifted, the rise of China's first-line LED manufacturers, will compress the survival of other competitors, and even second-tier LED manufacturers will also face accelerated elimination of pressure. So most LED manufacturers are thinking about transformation strategies, accelerate into the niche market to avoid the impact of price competition.
Looking ahead 2017 LED industry key trends are as follows:
LED industry arms race again, will accelerate the elimination of second-tier manufacturers
As a result of the current Chinese mainland local government subsidies policy shift, plus
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