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Intelligent lighting market war imminent

           Now, with the popularity of intelligent, lighting companies also spotted the smart lighting market, and some enterprises together to reach the smart home circle strategic cooperation; and some reached the depth of cooperation, the layout of smart home systems; and some enterprise R & D breakthroughs ... ... There are indications that intelligent lighting market war imminent.
"User experience" to help intelligent lighting forward
As energy-saving LED lighting market driven by the same, intelligent lighting should also be a trend. Intelligent lighting is not a technology pile, but a human experience, in the invisible to enhance the quality of life. Intelligent lighting as an important component of intelligent home, more is to be linked through the entire intelligent system to bring users a comprehensive life experience.
User experience is the intelligent lighting to the wisdom of the development of an important factor, only continue from the consumer point of view, to meet their needs, and through the user experience to help us better improve the product, the two complement each other, intelligent lighting development Will be better and better.
Smart look at the trend of force to open up new markets simultaneously
Intelligent lighting is bound to the future development trend. At present, the situation from the user pay, the industry did not find the real pain point consumers, the industry should
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