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Global LED patent structure or are changes?

                Always on the middle reaches of the core LED patents focused on Philips, Osram, Nichia, Toyoda Gosei, Cree and other five international magnates, and they form tight patent network through mutual patent cross-licensing approach. While the proportion of mainland China to apply for small and late, is basically the beginning of 2000 after submission, and most of the utility model and design patents, thus entering the international market stumble.
But over the past two years with the white LED patent is about to expire, Nichia was sentenced to two fundamental patents invalid, combined with domestic enterprises to obtain patents, patent cross, cross-border acquisitions, the impact of patent barriers, this situation seems change, tight patent network appeared loose? ......
Strategic cooperation granted patent
In July 2015, Japan Toyoda Gosei has the white LED patent license to China's two LED packaging manufacturers, Jufei photoelectric light and easy to SBC reached a supply chain strategic cooperation. In two domestic companies, access to Toyoda Gosei's patents means that you can enter the global white LED patent network, to open businesses in the international market to grow, but also for their downstream customers a white LED patent protection.
Indirect cross-border acquisitions enjoy patent music
March 31, by the buyout funds to support the Jinsha GOScaleCapital led consortium, Asia Pacific Resources Development and Investment Co., Ltd. and Nanchang Industrial Holdings Group Co., Ltd. under the company's successful acquisition of Philips LED lighting business (Lumileds) 80.1% of the shares. It is reported that, under the contract, after the completion of the transaction, Philips will transfer patents related to LED automotive lighting production and more than 600 items to Lumileds company. China LED companies or can more easily get these international patents and access to international markets.
July 20, by the China Electronic Information Industry Group Corporation (CEC) and the Chongqing airport development and investment company's investment group led to the $ 130 million acquisition of 100% stake in the US BridgeLux (Puri). The equity acquisition of domestic enterprises corresponds to the control of patents and cross-licensing of all Bridgelux enterprises, can be done from the chip to the module of vertical product integration and the development of gallium nitride on silicon master chip, wafer, package, white, optical design and many other core technologies.
Coincidentally, this year OSRAM also planning to sell its spin-off and traditional lamps and ballasts, some lamps LED lamps and systems business unit, which attracted a large number of investors are concerned that domestic LED giant Feile Audio-Visual, BDO Yun Dare Shi Group, have joined the "bidding" in an attempt by the acquisition of international channels and technology services giant, opened a Chinese LED companies to break the monopoly of foreign patent a new way, a better butt out of the country to international markets.
Obviously, the three cross-border mergers and acquisitions have a common interest tendencies: enjoying technology patents and brand abroad LED giants.
Patent cross mutually beneficial
August 4, Cree and Epistar LED chip signed a global patent cross-licensing agreement to get the other side of the nitride LED chip patent license and grant the other part of the non-nitride LED chip patents. On the one hand, Cree's innovative technology and extensive patent portfolio allows LED components and lighting products more competitive; on the other hand Epistar will take the opportunity to more quickly and smoothly the LED chip onto the global stage.
Nichia basic patent was invalid
In late May this year, US District Judge formal judgment Nichia 925 patents, 960 patent these two patents invalid, Everlight win. Although the key patent of Nichia white phosphor will expire in 2017, when Nichia choose to appeal, this battle, only a two-year period. In this entangled billion light years to a small hit big patent litigation win means Nichia patent barriers in North America is not unbreakable.
Patent network loose? No loose?
There are indications based on the above, the international construction giant cloth patent barriers appears to be loose, "Now enterprises patents and patent network keeper class patent" 925 "and" 960 "apparent conflict, LED patent loose network is inevitable." Hua Lei Optoelectronics Applications Sales Division COO Han Shaolong representation.
But many insiders said patent network and has not changed much. Dr. LatticePower CTO Hanmin Zhao think the main basic patent or controlled by several international companies, other companies and these big companies only through licensing and patent swap to obtain.
Epistar Corporation marketing center of Associate Lin Yi said that some of the recent acquisition and integration, resulting in some manufacturers may be between parent, subsidiary, or some co-ordinate joint or strategic alliances to obtain patent protection , and thus find some markets patented breakthrough. "Strictly speaking, the patent network and not loose, but rather by the recent Nichia and billion light, and dragged between the Cree and the East Bay, but it can be observed first-tier manufacturers in the world and the importance of the patent by patent focus on specific markets and protection. "
Shenzhen Hua St. Lighting Technology Ltd. General Manager Xu Wensong also disagree patent loose saying, "one of the important subject of Chinese capital for acquisitions of assets in addition to the global LED demand for the brand market, patented technology also acquisitions, along with equity change, most of the patent will also be transferred, all contracts before this form is still valid, but the subject has changed, even if all the patents were transferred to the hands of the Chinese people, because of the different body has still face different Patent litigation or authorized intersubjective. "
"LED technology is still evolving and improving, and technical route are not the same, even though some patent expires, there will be the emergence of new patents, the formation of new technical barriers and new authorization, the patent is all we are engaged A string LED business person must taut. "Xuwen Song added.
Patents net loose and otherwise a matter of opinion, but certainly not least, in the increasingly fierce industry competition, patent-based intellectual property rights has become an international market game of strategic high ground, no patent can only be forced out of the market vendors.
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