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Trade Terms

Delivery and Transit Time:

        If the indent is given and for one full container load, the proper time for shipment of regular types of westrooper products is usually 10-20 days after receipt of L/C or T/T down payment.

Transit Time:


Transportation Mode


Transit Time

By sea

(from China Main Ports)

Hongkong / Japan / Korea

3 days

European Main Ports

25~30 days

Black Sea Countries

30~35 days

Middle East

15~20 days

American West Ports

12~14 days by express vessel;

28~30 days by common vessel

American East Ports

40~45 days

Oceania Countries

15~20 days

By Railway or Multi-model Transportation

Countries along the Eurasia 

Continental Railway Line

35 days to Moscow

Shipment schedule may be delayed during the MAIN holidays in China, i.e.:
Spring Festival holiday: usually in January/February
Labor Day Holiday: May 1st to 3rd
National Day holiday: Oct. 1st to 7th

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